About Us

BrokerDhoondo.com is a unique real estate platform for property buyers/sellers to hire a trustworthy real estate broker !! It’s a well known fact that searching a trustworthy real estate broker is always a difficut task and lot of property buyers and sellers take months or even years to buy/sell a property. BrokerDhoondo.com , is a venture of BrokersADDA.com , which is India's largest community platform of real estate brokers with 1,20,000+ registered brokers pan India.

The whole idea of BrokerDhoondo is to facilitate the hiring of real estate brokers. The property buyer/seller can list a property , which becomes visible to interested brokers. Brokers start responding to the listing. Kindly note that the property buyer/seller never shares his/her contact to avoid junk emails and phone calls. The user can then select the best real estate broker depending on his/her rating and reviews by previous clients. He/she will start dealing with the hired broker and will close the deal successfully. Depending on his/her experience , he/she will give a suitable rating and review to the broker. 

This will change the system of hiring a real estate broker forever in India. 

For more information feel free to contact us at contact@BrokerDhoondo.com.