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Looking for a trusted and reliable real estate broker ??

Finding a trusted real estate brokers is hard !

Are you trying to sell your property through a trusted real estate broker? Or perhaps you are a buyer looking for the perfect property but unable to find the right broker. Whatever the case, one thing is certain. Finding your ideal real estate broker is really hard ! Right ?

Anyone with a little knowledge of real estate can show up and present themselves as a real estate broker. You have no way of knowing that person’s capabilities or their expertise. 

Here comes BrokerDhoondo

Well, now, thanks to, you will be able to find one ! is India’s first and largest platform for finding trusted and rated real estate brokers. Whether you are trying to sell your property or a buyer looking to purchase one with specific requirements, now you won’t have to scour the market for the perfect real estate broker. Instead, the right broker will find you based on your requirements. 

Finding a broker that you can trust can be difficult. We've worked hard to create a site where you'll find reliable and trustworthy brokers, who will show you that buying or selling an apartment or home is an enjoyable experience.

Find a trusted real estate broker in 4 simple steps :

  1. Sign up ( FREE ). List your property for sale/purchase/rent or your requirement totally FREE.
  2. Let theBrokers respond. Your contact is secret so don’t expect a barrage of emails or calls.
  3. Initiate messaging with a suitable Broker. Star the deal with the best Broker.
  4. Close the deal successfully and give a suitable rating and review.

That’s it ! It was never so easy to find a trusted real estate broker. Right ?

Apart from the flawless user interface, and tons of options, there are many other reasons for using BrokerDhoondo. Some of them are given below

  1. BrokerDhoondo utilises a strong and reliable rating system that allows the buyers and sellers to view different property brokers. It establishes an authenticity factor along with ensuring that the broker you are trusting has already served many others. You can be sure that the person you are working with is a proven professional. 
  2. The system of the appropriate broker responding to you eliminates the struggle of many buyers and sellers. It is a time saving option and also an effective substitute for the conventional methods.
  3. Due to modern listing methods, real estate brokers are going out of business. BrokerDhoondo has managed to keep all the parties in loop including the brokers. This fact makes it one of the best real estate platforms for finding a trusted real estate broker.

BrokerDhoondo is the latest venture by Er. Kumar Naresh whose first venture in real estate industry, is already India's largest network of of 1,20,000+ registered real estate brokers.